The Idea

This blog is an unique experience (something that I wanted to do for a very long time), of creating stories together. What happens when multiple minds come together and shape a story from point to point? Will it be chaotic or will it be a fun experience alltogether? Lets wait and watch.

I have created broad categories (General, Thriller, Horror) and will be writing first “line” or “para” of a story (for each of these categories), expecting visitors to continue it with the next line or para (as comments)…lets see how the stories progress. When I add a line or a para you will see categories appearing on the right.

I am going to follow a versioning system to manage and maintain stories, more information can be found on the “Story versioning system” page…

Next steps for you:

1. Browse through the categories
2. Read through the story line/para (any version you desire, original posts or the compiled posts)
3. Start commenting! (your way of adding to the story). For every interesting comment (continuation), I will publish a new version as a post!

Alternatively, if you have a “New Story Idea” please visit the New Story Idea page and leave a comment. I will then create a new post with your starting line/para.

Come on! Lets write together!!! 🙂

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